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We transform your evaluations to gather smart data and make real improvements to your:
Unleash the power of feedback to solve your greatest challenges.
1 Yield superior response rates and eliminate data entry. Evaluāt delivers amazing response rates with simultaneous digital and paper collection. Other online-only tools capture much lower response rates.
2 Reveal high-level insights and expose trends over time. Conventional tools lack program-wide reporting. Evaluāt's dashboards and reports enable comparative analysis across any dimension.
3 Share your analysis and put your data to work. Traditional tools force you to analyze your data in spreadsheets, trapping it in shared drive and PDF silos.
4 Ease the burden of data entry with transcription, translation, and sentiment analysis. Get results fast. Free your team members from the cumbersome and time consuming process of typing up responses.
5 Segment your data across clients or industries. Move beyond "smiley sheets" to gain a deeper understanding of your participants needs.
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