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At Evaluāt, we seek out clever and innovative means, backed in rigorous methods, to help you achieve your goals.
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The Evaluāt approach is always human-centered. As we work with you to make solid decisions, we hold paramount that you and your customers are people and not just data points. We strive to deliver a sophisticated experience that is simple, clear, and powerful. Our passions include revealing deep insight through data analytics, delivering results with integrity, and enjoying each new experience with curiosity.

Evaluāt is more than just another off-the-shelf tool. Evaluāt transforms your evaluations to gather smart data and help you make real improvements. We built Evaluāt from the ground up to tackle some of the biggest challenges in executive education and professional training. The days of waiting for someone to type up scribbled hand writing or agonizing over low response rates and messy spreadsheets are over. Your programs drive the future of learning — Evaluāt can help you get there.

Meet the Executive Team.

Lee Emmert
Lee Emmert, CEO

Lee's professional experience lies at the intersection of education and technology — subjects about which he is very passionate.

Before co-founding Evaluāt, Lee led Georgetown University’s mobile initiative. He shepherded the growth of the GU Mobile app serving 37,000 students, faculty, staff, alumni, and prospective students. Prior to Georgetown, Lee consulted with a variety of Federal Government and private industry clients on technology projects.

Lee holds a Master of Business Administration from Georgetown University, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Systems Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. During his spare time, he enjoys flying throughout the Mid-Atlantic region as an instrument-rated private pilot.

Lee is based in Bethesda, Marlyand.

Elyse Goldberg
Elyse Goldberg, COO

Elyse thrives on the toughest challenges, so it's no surprise that she's an entrepreneur. She also loves backpacking and outdoor survival.

Beginning her business career with Lockheed Martin Corporation in 2008, she has experience in many areas of business and finance operations, most recently serving as the financial planning and assessment lead for a $919M government contract.

Elyse completed her Bachelor of Arts and Sciences at Boston University in 2008, and graduated in the top 10% of students from Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business in 2013.

Elyse resides in Durham, North Carolina.

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