The Evaluāt Design Philosophy: A Beautiful Mobile Experience, End-to-End

Evaluāt’s commitment to clean, beautiful design makes our platform seamless and easy to use. Here’s how our philosophy can help make your job easier.

Your Executive Education attendees require seamless and beautiful mobile technology features that do not get in the way of having a great face-to-face experience.

David McMillin on the PCMA blog suggests this:

Put yourself in your attendees’ shoes (and behind their phones). Is navigating the site on a smartphone easy? Can they browse speakers and sessions without additional work? How does registration function? Does it require inputting an overwhelming amount of information?

Collecting attendee feedback can be just as seamless and easy to do on mobile devices. In fact, this is the best way to boost your response rates above 90%.

The Evaluāt Design Philosophy

We believe that when it comes to attendee feedback, you should not have to worry about setting up surveys on a complicated platform or coming up with the right questions — your job is hard enough already!


When you give an evaluation to a program participant (whether digitally or on paper), it should speak to innovation and clarity through its visual design.

That evaluation may be the very last thing your attendees experience from your event. It leaves a lasting impression. You don’t want it to be an ugly online form or a Microsoft Word document! When the evaluation sticks out like a sore thumb, it distracts attendees from contributing quality, detailed feedback.

Over 80% of attendees complete their evaluations on mobile devices, and we are committed to making sure our evaluations are both beautiful and easy to complete on any device. Without a clean, minimal, and easy-to-use evaluation, our customers would miss out on a great deal of feedback from their participants.

Presentation Worthy

We want the mechanics of how you work with Evaluāt to disappear into the background so that the smart data you gather, and the insights from it, can stand out.

Understanding the results of your evaluations should be easy and intuitive.

We believe that all dashboards and reports from your evaluations should be “presentation worthy” at a moment’s notice, helping you communicate the results and impact of your programs to corporate leadership.


Our customers tell us how burdened they already are with logistics — from catering to managing faculty to facilities — evaluations should not add to that burden.

The minimalist design of the Evaluāt platform makes it uncluttered. We want to make it as easy as possible to find the tools you need. We also strive to make it easy for everyone on your team to collaborate.


We also want to give you a sense of calm when using Evaluāt. Your job can be highly stressful, especially mid-program. The last thing we want is for Evaluāt to add stress to our customer’s experience when they need to focus on executing an excellent event or training session.

If we’ve done our job right, then Evaluāt can even reduce your stress level. We strive to replace that feeling with reassurance. Using color sparingly, our design also brings peace-of-mind through the use of white space, which we think invokes natural light streaming through a window.

The Evaluāt Colors

The Evaluāt Colors

Proud of Our Commitment

The digital evidence of our philosophy shows up in our evaluations, our website, this blog, and in the Evaluāt platform itself. We asked our graphic designers to help us communicate our dedication to the clean design mindset when we redesigned our website at www.evaluat.io.

Evaluāt Home Page

The Evaluāt Home Page, Sept. 2016

In the coming months, the Evaluāt platform will undergo additional changes based on what we’ve learned over the last year to make it even easier to use than before.

An Ongoing Experiment

At Evaluāt, we believe that design is an ongoing and iterative process. Perhaps the most important of our philosophies is that no platform, website, software, or physical space should stay the same forever.

As we grow and as our customers evolve, we will constantly update Evaluāt, putting clean minimal design and smart functionality first.

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