Evaluāt API Overview

Take complete control of your data programmatically, and do all sorts of interesting things

Evaluāt offers a fully-featured, RESTful Application Programming Interface (API), providing access to all of your evaluation results.

Example Uses

There are many ways to use the Evaluāt API. With the Evaluāt API, you can display Evaluāt results on your website or share sentiments in your CRM tool. The API can also share data with mobile apps and any other destination you might imagine. Here are a few of the ways our customers have used our API to put their data to work.

Display Live Information on Your Website

You can use the Evaluāt API to display live results from your Evaluāt reports on a website. For example, you may choose to display an average score for a particular program on your website next to other information about that program. You can also pull testimonials (see below) as a way to further promote your hard work.


With Evaluāt, you can capture snippets of information from any of your evaluations and use them as testimonials. Once you capture a testimonial, it will reside in your shared testimonial collection. Easily search this collection when you’re on the phone with a prospect, answering a question via email, or developing updated marketing collateral.


Please contact your Evaluāt Customer Success representative for credentials to access the API.

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