Paper Evaluations

Evaluāt makes processing paper evaluations as simple and beautiful as possible

Paper can be a great way to achieve a high response rate, as some people feel more compelled to complete an evaluation when when it is physically in front of them.


Simply print the evaluation, hand it out, and scan the responses. We will process the results and compile the data alongside any digital responses for that evaluation.

Our printed evaluations closely match the style of the online equivalent. When you print the evaluation, we automatically lay out your questions for paper from the same template you use for the online version.

The evaluations should be printed on either Letter or A4-sized paper. Respondents may use a pencil or a pen with blue or black ink to complete the evaluation for machine-reading purposes. You can also use multiple paper colors to help differentiate evaluations, as long as the paper color is light enough to provide contrast with the black ink/toner of your printer.


To print an evaluation, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Evaluations menu, and click on All Evaluations.
  2. Select the desired evaluation from the list.
  3. Click on the Print Evaluation button.
  4. The evaluation will open in a new window and launch your computer’s print dialog box.

Scanning Results

The fastest way to scan the completed paper evaluations is to use a multi-function copier. Load the completed evaluations into the hopper on top, and scan to a PDF. Email that PDF file to your Customer Success representative, and we will enqueue for processing.

Any other device or mobile app capable of scanning to a PDF file will work too.

Processing Paper Results

After you transmit the scanned paper responses to us, it will take two to four business days before you will be able to view the data in the reports. Our software automatically processes handwritten comments into typed text, and performs the same sentiment analysis as the online evaluation.

A human reviews a sample of our software’s processed results to ensure a high degree of accuracy. If the computer and the human agree, the batch is immediately released (see Reports below). If the human disagrees with the computer, that batch of responses is reprocessed.

Please note that we can only automatically transform handwriting to text for English-language responses, and we are not currently able to perform automatic translation of handwritten responses. If you have a specific need, please let your Customer Success representative know and we can discuss options for non-English text processing.


Once the processing of your paper responses is complete, you can view the results alongside any online responses in the evaluation report.


Enterprise and Custom customers can include an allotment of Paper Evaluations as part of the contract. There is a nominal usage fee for Paper Evaluations that exceed the allotted amount.

Per Program customers, and those Enterprise and Custom customers who haven’t previously included an allotment in the contract, may use our processing service for a nominal fee. Please contact your Customer Success representative for more details and to get started processing paper today.

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