Sentiment Analysis

See a quick analysis of free response questions without having to read through each one

The Evaluāt sentiment analysis engine processes the text that your respondents write. Once complete, you can review the analysis right in the Evaluation Report, giving you a quick high-level understanding of respondents’ reactions.

How it Works

Sentiment analysis happens as we receive the evaluations. There are three steps:

  1. Our software analyzes and assigns a sentiment result to each free-response text item.
  2. A human reviews a sample of the results to check accuracy. If the computer and the human agree, we immediately release the sentiment analysis to your report. If the human disagrees with the computer, we reprocess that batch of responses.
  3. Once we release the sentiment analysis you can see it in your evaluation reports.

Sentiment Options

Our sentiment analysis engine assigns one of the following tags to each text response:

  • Positive – The general tone was positive.
  • Neutral – The response wasn’t positive or negative, or it didn’t express an opinion. For example, “John Smith” might be the response to “Please provide your name” and does not express an opinion.
  • Mixed – The response had both positive and negative statements.
  • Negative – The general tone was negative.
  • Unknown – The response was unintelligible and we weren’t able to process it.  For example, the respondent entered gibberish by mashing the keyboard.
  • Translate – Our sentiment analysis engine recognized the response was in another language. We queued it for automatic translation. We translate the text and run sentiment analysis again if you have translation enabled.

Processing Times

It can two business days to analyze online responses. Give us up to four days for scanned paper responses. The processing time depends on how many responses are coming in from your evaluations.


The best place to view the sentiment analysis results is in the Evaluation Report.

View Sentiment Analysis

When you first load the report, the responses are collapsed. We only show a summary pie chart.


Sentiment Analysis Collapsed

When you first load the report, the responses appear collapsed


Click on the View Responses link to expand the list.  Now you can see how our system tagged each response.


Sentiment Analysis Expanded

View the detailed analysis by clicking “View Responses”


Hiding Sentiment Analysis

It’s easy to hide the sentiment analysis results when printing a report or creating a PDF. On the report’s Print Preview screen, click to expand Report Options/Filters and uncheck “Show Sentiment Analysis.”


Hiding Sentiment Analysis

Use the Report Options/Filters to hide the sentiment analysis



Enterprise and Custom customers can use Sentiment Analysis for no extra charge.

Per Program customers can use it for a small fee. The fee is based on the number of analyses performed. We bill you monthly based on actual usage. Please contact your Customer Success representative for more details.

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