Templates are a collection of questions that you can use across evaluations to make sure you consistently ask the right questions

To make creating new evaluations a breeze, and to help maintain consistency in questions over time, Evaluāt makes extensive use of templates. A template is a defined set of sections and questions that can be reused across evaluations.

The typical customer will have multiple templates. As an example for Education, you might have one template with questions you use at the end of each day of a program, and another template for an overall evaluation at the end of the program.  You may also have a separate template for a site visit, panel discussion, or keynote address.

Creating Templates

  1. Click on the Evaluations menu, and then on Templates.
  2. Click the plus sign near the right top of the screen to Create New Template.
  3. Enter a Template Name and Description (optional).  The Short Display Name will automatically populate.  Template information is not visible to respondents, it is for you to easily identify templates when you create/edit evaluations.
  4. Under Copy Questions from Existing Template, you can choose to start with a blank template, or copy questions from an existing template.
  5. You will be redirected to your new template.

Viewing Templates

Template previews show the arrangement of sections and questions in a template.

  1. Click on the Evaluations menu, and then on Templates.
  2. Next to the template you would like to preview, click the View button.

Template Consistency

Because consistency in questions is critical to obtaining the best results when tracking performance over time, we strongly recommend limiting changes to a template after its first use.  Changes to a template are retroactive and will affect all previous evaluations and reports that used that template.  This could result in data loss, as removing a question from an existing template will remove that question from previously associated reports.

We strongly recommend that if you must change a template, you instead create a new template, copy the questions from the old template, and use the new template going forward.

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