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Our mission is to make the data from your evaluation results approachable and useful. We offer a wide range of built-in reports that visualize your data and help tell a story about the performance of your programs and events. For a more in-depth analysis, we also offer tools you can use to export your data.

Built-in Reports

The built-in reports display data from your evaluation results as responses come in. You can quickly see how your programs are performing, and use the insights gleaned to make immediate changes.

Evaluation Report

At the heart of our reporting toolbox is the Evaluation Report.  As the name implies, this report displays results from a single evaluation.  You can quickly see how your Likert-scale and multiple-choice questions add up on a histogram, and browse answers to free-response questions.  If you have it enabled, this report also displays sentiment analysis for free-response questions.

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Iteration Report

This is where your data starts to get interesting.  The Iteration Report compiles all responses from evaluations for a selected iteration.  You can quickly compare the performance of all instructors and sessions within the iteration. You will also see a summation of all Likert-scale questions, and, if enabled, a compilation of all sentiment analysis results.

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Program Report

Here’s where Evaluāt really stands out.  The Program Report compiles results across all iterations of a selected program.  Enjoy the power of longitudinal analysis as you quickly see over time how your individual programs or events are performing.  You can also track the performance of each instructor.  See something interesting?  You can drill in deeper and find out what exactly is influencing performance.

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Cross-Tab Analysis

Want to see how responses from one question align with responses to one or more other questions? You can create your own cross tabulation reports right in Evaluāt for deeper multivariate analysis. This type of analysis is especially useful if you include demographic questions as part of your evaluation.

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Export Your Data

It’s your data, so if you want to download it and do some other type of analysis, we make that incredibly easy. Simply select the program/iteration for which you want data, and hit the download button. You can import this data into your favorite statistical analysis software, like SPSS, Minitab, or R, and perform regression and other analyses to your heart’s content.

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Evaluāt API

We offer a fully-featured, RESTful API through which you can access all evaluation result data. There are many ways to use the Evaluāt API to access your data and put it to work for you.

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