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Understanding Programs, Sessions and Instructors

Learn more about the terminology we use in this documentation.

One customer’s Program is another’s Event. Some people call it a conference. And that’s fine by us! The terminology used in the Evaluāt platform is completely customizable to meet your needs.

Programs, Sessions and Instructors

You and your organization will likely use Evaluāt to track performance across a wide range of programs, sessions, and instructors. By laying out each of these elements globally for your organization, you can track the performance on each over time.

You can think of the arrangement of programs, sessions, and instructors as a hierarchy. Here are some definitions of the terminology we use, followed by a few high-level examples.


Below is a list of the standard terms we use throughout this documentation, along with a list of synonyms we commonly see our customers use.

Programs – A program is a single course or event offered during a collection of sessions. (Events, Courses, Trainings, Conventions)

Iterations – An iteration is a single offering of a program. An iteration could be an academic term (e.g. semester, trimester, quarter), or any other date range (e.g. September 1-3, October 31). If you hold an annual conference, then the Iteration name may be just the year (e.g. 2016). Each program may have one or more iterations, and this empowers you to track performance of a program across a series of discreet offerings. (Semester, Quarter)

Sessions – A session is a discreet gathering during an iteration of a program. Several sessions may comprise a typical academic program. Conferences and events often have many sessions. Conducting evaluations at the session level offers very granular detail about program performance. (Class, Period, Gathering)

Instructors – An instructor is typically the facilitator or speaker of a specific session of a program. Each session may have one or many instructors, and instructors may facilitate multiple programs. (Speaker, Teacher, Facilitator)

Usage Example for Executive Education

The typical Executive Education environment has multiple courses (i.e. Programs), and each course might be offered during multiple terms (i.e. Sessions), each with one or more instructors/professors. Here is how our hierarchy might look:

  • Program – Leadership in the 21st Century
    • Session – Spring 2015
      • Instructor – Jane Doe
    • Session – Summer 2015
      • Instructor – John Smith
      • Instructor – Fred Bloggs
    • Session – Fall 2015
      • Instructor – Jane Doe

Usage Example for a Conference or Event

Conferences are typically composed of many sessions, and each session has one or more speakers (instructors). Here is how our hierarchy might look:

  • Program – Our Annual Leadership Conference
    • Session – Welcome and Keynote
      • Speaker – Jane Doe
    • Session – What Makes a Great Leader?
      • Speaker – John Smith
      • Speaker – Fred Bloggs
    • Session – Negotiate Like a Leader
      • Speaker – Jane Doe


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