Common Workflows

Creating Evaluations

We make it easy to create beautiful evaluations

Creating a new evaluation with Evaluāt is easy, and here’s what you need to know to get started. This document includes a step-by-step checklist you can use to create your evaluation.


To make creating new evaluations a breeze, and to help maintain consistency in questions over time, Evaluāt makes extensive use of templates. A template is a defined set of sections and questions that can be reused across evaluations. Learn more about Templates.


  1. Add an Instructor
    • Click on the “Instructors” tab
    • Click the “Add New Instructor” button
    • Fill in the fields, and click “Add this Instructor”
  2. Create a program (automatically creates your first session for that program)
    • Click on the “Programs” tab
    • Click the “Add New Program” button
    • Enter the name and optionally a description
    • We automatically create the first session for this program, enter the information about this session
    • Select an initial Instructor from the drop list
    • Click the “Add this Program” button
  3. Create an Evaluation
    • Click on the “Evaluations” tab
    • Click the “Launch New Evaluation” button
    • Select the target Program
    • Select the target Session
    • Select the Template you would like to use from the drop list
    • Choose whether to accept responses to your evaluation indefinitely, or select an end date and time after which no responses will be accepted
    • Optionally select one or more distribution methods (Please see the Distributing Evaluations walkthrough for more details on each method)

Next Steps

You’ve created an evaluation, now it’s time to get it into the hands of your respondents. Have a look at Distributing Evaluations for all the details.

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